Think Strawberries |Pholosophy

Think Strawberries is a beautiful metaphor. It is a way of life, a philosophy where every person, goes that extra mile, does that little bit more, gets personally involved - perhaps, beyond the call of duty.

Think Strawberries was actually a lecture case study delivered by the President of the renowned Plaza Hotel in New York, James Lavenson, where he described how, he was brought in as an industry ‘outsider’ to use a fresh insight

He began by examining the 1400 odd staff at the Plaza, he found that their dwindling sales was a result of people not being involved passionately with the business as a whole. Yes, the bellman took the luggage. Yes, the Waiter took the order. And yes, the Front Office booked the room. But would the Bellman have known the guest name and persuaded a return reservation? Would the Waiter have known who was performing at the restaurant that evening & suggested a visit or a specific dish? Would the reception have really known the difference between room types and what merited the 40$ that separated them or suggested one 'view' over another?

The Plaza initiated a dynamic program called “Think Strawberries” where literally from Strawberries, to all manner of 'suggestions' were given to guests by every single member of the hotel staff in a mission to sell!

This was done by first intimately acquainting all 1400 staff with the products & services of the hotel.

As a result, each and every human resource at the Plaza became, a 'salesman'. One who would subtly, but surely promote the various products & services of the hotel, and make sure a sale, got made! Personal, tailor made- but hard-core salesmen.

This is the philosophy that inspires Think Strawberries. We follow it as our own guiding principal. Think Strawberries is an attitude to improve Business Efficiency, Sales and Profitability.

We are insightful and we sell, everybody sells!