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Petra: Jordan’s
prized possession

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Petra, Jordan's most valuable treasure is a vast, unique city, carved into the sheer rock face by the Nabataean Arabs, a nomadic tribe who settled in the area around 6th century BC.

The outstanding architecture of the Petra valley showcases hundreds of elaborated rock-cut tombs with intricate carvings.

Petra is known for Al-Khazneh, The Treasury, a massive façade which is 30m wide and 43m high and is carved out of dusky pink rock-face. It was carved in the early 1st century as the tomb of an important Nabataean king.

The beautifully organized rose red city of Petra is also home to the impressive Ad-Deir Monastery.

The two excellent museums namely the Petra Archaeological Museum and the Petra Nabataean Museum gives an insight into Petra's colorful past.



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